• Centers of Light •

The Centers of Light are spiritual centers & schools located in seven cities across the continental United States. The teachings at the Centers of Light are based upon the teachings and examples of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Our offerings include daily meditation and communion, and spiritual classes for beginners as well as seasoned individuals of the mystical path. Those who attend grow in consciousness and love for God and other people. Union with God and selfless service to God and humans is the goal. This is what Jesus taught, what we believe, and what we practice and teach.

Our centers are warm and inviting, open to all who are searching for a place to let go and connect with other like-minded and like-hearted people who hear a calling to know themselves from the inside out. Spiritual growth flourishes when we learn to relate to others as well as to God in positive and healthy ways. These ways are best learned through a spiritual community and through having a spiritual teacher who can guide one according to his or her individual needs and desire for growth. As people accept help, they can grow in integrity, love, light, and inner peace. They can become whole, as God meant us to be. At all our Centers of Light, this truth becomes a reality.