• The Order of Christ Sophia •

1. To acknowledge and make known that God comes first in all things.

2. To continue the Apostolic work of Christ Jesus and Mother Mary by giving form to the Reality of the Father-Mother God, through the Priesthood of Jesus Christ, underthe Order of the Golden Cross.

3. To empower and ordain Minister-Priests, after the Order of Melchezedek, under the mantle of Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, the Sovereigns of Earth.

4. To let the power, force and energy of God move through the Sacraments of Baptism, Confession, Communion, Illumination, Marriage, Holy Orders and Last Rites so that all people may be transformed and made whole.

5. To speak the Word of Life to everyone, that all may know the love of their Creator and the reality of their Divine Birth.

6. To preserve and disseminate the Christian Mysteries and the ancient Wisdom Teachings as embodied in Jesus Christ and Mother Mary thereby demonstrating to all the Christ Consciousness and the Way of Return to the Creator.

7. To teach the Truth from experience and knowing, which manifests in the love for God through the love for human beings.

8. To embody the Light of Christ for the Glory of God.

9. To give oneself into the Ministry of God on earth through the example and guidance of the Blessed Mother Mary.

10. To administer spiritual counseling and spiritual healing in obedience to God and the Self, in the name of the Creator, the Mediators and the Holy Spirit.

11. To fulfill the vows of poverty, humility, purity, obedience, and service as actions in the world within the body of Christ.

12. To give one’s life completely to the Service of God by ministering to the needs of all our brothers and sisters and to support all life.

13. To continue as a non-denominational, independent Order empowered to establish Centers in various cities, own property, and for the purpose of training and ordaining Ministers and Priests in accordance with the vision and mission of the Holy Council. It is understood that the Board of Directors will be consistent with and support the vision passed down to them from the Holy Council.