• Centers of Light •

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• Mission Statement •

The Order of Christ/Sophia is a Christian spiritual Order whose mission is to create peace on earth through developing each individual's personal inner experience of peace. We achieve this mission of uplifting the world by healing one heart at a time. As a result, conscious communities have risen up shepherded by Priests and a Teacher who have dedicated their lives to this end. We know world peace is possible. We empower and assist the unfolding process through a modern, deep, contemplative and prayerful life. Our members are young and old, married and single, parents of young and grown children. We are teachers and students in a spiritual school, rather than a congregation of churchgoers.

The spiritual schools of the Order of Christ/Sophia are called Centers of Light. There are currently seven Centers of Light in cities across the Unites States. A recipe for freedom and devotion is formed by combining the common western practices of prayer, sacraments, and blessings with the eastern practices of meditation, self-discipline, and the student/teacher relationship. The Centers of Light are places of peace for the soul to rest and the spirit to soar.

The worldly credentials of our membership varies from doctor to preschool teacher to student of microbiology. What we have in common is the intention to live a life of love by following the inner path of Christian Mysticism. Our members and ministers alike are ones who live decidedly knowing peace is more important than their emotional attachments; successful, professional people choosing love over competition and comparison. We are a joyful community of spiritual people who are growing in faith and works.